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Help! What Hosting Plan Do I Choose?

chooseChoosing a web hosting package can be daunting to say the least. There are so many options from so many different providers, all offering different perks and limits. So how do you choose? We suggest these following questions to help narrow down the possibilities:

How much space does my website use?

This is one of the most important first steps you can complete. This will normally help narrow down which hosting packages can accommodate your needs. You’ll also want to account for some future growth. Are you planning on uploading a large amount of pictures, videos, or other downloadable content in a short period of time? Plan for it! This will help avoid a possible headache in the future, and even prevent a move between services.

How do you figure out how much space your website uses?

Typically this is readily available at your current hosting provider in their control panel. If it isn’t, simply contact your hosting provider for a calculation. If they are unwilling to assist, please open up a ticket with us and we’ll be happy to look!

How much traffic does my website get?

Although in theory it would be nice to cut down on expenses as much as possible and host a large e-commerce website on a small $10/month account, this isn’t feasible in the long term for ensuring website speed, uptime, and professional support. In a similar way, having a national TV advertisement for your website on the cheapest available plan isn’t going to work well for anyone involved.

Gathering information on how many unique visitors you have on average per day will greatly help in determining the correct hosting package for your needs. This type of information can normally be obtained through your traffic collection software, such as Google Analytics, Awstats, Webalizer, etc.

What features do I need?

Some users require “root” (admin-level) access to the server in order to install and maintain custom applications or services. This is only offered on certain hosting packages, such as our VPS, dedicated, and cloud systems.

If you need to setup multiple hosting accounts, then you’ll want to pick a package that offers Web Host Manager (WHM)–cPanel’s server administration panel. Again, this is available on our VPS, dedicated, and cloud system packages. While we don’t offer traditional “reseller” hosting packages, a VPS, cloud or dedicated server would work nicely for anyone who wishes to resell web hosting services.

I’m still lost!

That’s okay! We’re here to help you. Please contact us through our live chat or helpdesk so that we can help evaluate your needs and suggest a package for you. As your needs change we can also assist with upgrading or downgrading your service.