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Preventing Disasters with Backups

backupsDid you know that according to Backblaze’s annual Backup Awareness Month survey, about 30% of all website owners have never backed up their files? That’s a surprising number! At InclusiveHost we understand the importance of your data to your livelihood. We offer the option of automated, worry-free nightly backups on all of our web hosting packages.

A common view of those who don’t backup their data regularly, don’t value their website. We know that this is not how most website developers and owners actually feel, considering most have invested months or even years into building up their website and online presence. Unfortunately many webmasters aren’t aware of the importance of regular backups. This oversight can lead to loss of data, traffic, and customers when disaster strikes.

Backups aren’t just useful with a hardware failure. According to information provided by Safeware, approximately 29% of all website disasters are the result of user error? We have successfully restored entire websites simply because an important file or folder was accidentally deleted.

Malware or viruses can also damage your website’s files and potentially even delete your entire website. Websites are often compromised by brute-force attacking easy-to-guess FTP, cPanel, or administrator passwords, but also through out-of-date, insecure scripts, or by viruses on a webmaster’s local computer. In fact, according to ICSA Labs, one in ten computers are infected with viruses each month. If you don’t have backups from before the infection, you may be forced to manually reconstruct your website design, graphics, and core site files. By keeping regular backups, it’s much easier to restore your website once you’ve identified the source of the infection.

InclusiveHost offers backup options on all of our plans, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud. All of these backup plans offer off-site, automated nightly backups of your entire account – databases included – either as part of the plan itself or as a paid option. In addition, with all of our services you may also download a full account backup through your cPanel, completely free of charge, at any time you wish.

The trained professionals at InclusiveHost take the integrity of your data very seriously. If you have any questions about the backup options we provide, please feel free to contact us.