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Check out our Upgraded Simple VPS Plans!

Great news! We have upgraded all of our Simple VPS plans for both new and existing customers. Not only have we doubled the amount of included memory, but we have also increased the storage space! All while maintaining the same affordable pricing.

New customers are able to take advantage of these new specifications immediately. Customers with existing VPS plans will be contacted over the next few days to schedule upgrades for existing servers. Upgrades for existing customers will be performed within a few minutes, without affecting stored data.

You can view the specifications of our upgraded Simple VPS plans here.

Cyber Monday Specials – Up to 80% off!

chooseInclusiveHost has some amazing Cyber Monday deals this year – up to 80% off shared hosting! Frustrated or tired of your current host? Give us a try! These specials are valid 11/30/2014 until 12/2/2014.

Web Hosting Offers

  • 80% discount on any Simple, Select or Inclusive Web Hosting plan when pre-paid for 3 months (New Clients) – Use coupon code CYBERMONDAY
  • FREE 1-year Domain Registration or Transfer with ANY Annual Web Hosting plan (New or Existing Clients)No Code Required

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Black Friday Specials!

chooseWe have some great Black Friday deals lined up for you, but you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to take advantage! All offers are valid starting Thanksgiving Day (November 27) and run through Sunday, November 30. Happy shopping!

Web Hosting Offers

  • 50% Recurring discount on any Simple, Select or Inclusive Web Hosting plan (New Clients) – Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY
  • FREE 1-year Domain Registration or Transfer with ANY Annual Web Hosting plan (New or Existing Clients)No Code Required
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Preventing Disasters with Backups

backupsDid you know that according to Backblaze’s annual Backup Awareness Month survey, about 30% of all website owners have never backed up their files? That’s a surprising number! At InclusiveHost we understand the importance of your data to your livelihood. We offer the option of automated, worry-free nightly backups on all of our web hosting packages.

A common view of those who don’t backup their data regularly, don’t value their website. We know that this is not how most website developers and owners actually feel, considering most have invested months or even years into building up their website and online presence. Unfortunately many webmasters aren’t aware of the importance of regular backups. This oversight can lead to loss of data, traffic, and customers when disaster strikes.

Backups aren’t just useful with a hardware failure. According to information provided by Safeware, approximately 29% of all website disasters are the result of user error? We have successfully restored entire websites simply because an important file or folder was accidentally deleted.

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Cloud vs. VPS Hosting: What’s the Difference?

vps_cloudThe term “cloud” has been thrown around the hosting industry quite a bit recently, but what does it really mean? How does cloud hosting compare to more traditional virtual server technologies? More importantly, is having your important data “in the cloud” a good thing or a bad thing? We’ll do our best to clear up any confusion you may have, while helping you decide which option best suits your particular needs.

Basically speaking, having your data “in the cloud” means that it is stored using technology that doesn’t depend on one particular hard drive or server. The idea is that if a particular component fails, the remainder of the network will compensate. This ensures that your data always remains accessible even in the event of a malfunction.

The problem with this basic description is when the term “cloud” is used to describe many other types of virtual hosting technologies, such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS). The fact is, while a VPS can be hosted in a cloud network, it is a fundamentally different technology.

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