host-optimized-badge-250pxCloudFlare: Optimize your website for free!

InclusiveHost has partnered with CloudFlare – a third party service that allows you to easily optimize your website, and also protect it from known attackers. Through the use of the CloudFlare cPanel plugin, you can enable this free option for your website with a few clicks!

There are several benefits of CloudFlare, which are described more in this introductory video from CloudFlare.

In summary, CloudFlare helps in a few ways:

CDN: A free CDN. Instead of having your static website content (such as images), sourced from only your hosting account at InclusiveHost, these are automatically served from a location closest to your end visitor. This results in a faster website loads for your customers!

Security: A free firewall that will stop malicious traffic from even reaching your website in the first place. CloudFlare takes reports of known attackers/abusers, and then will deny this traffic based on your security level setting that can be set from within the cPanel plugin area, or the main CloudFlare website. This helps prevent against automated bot comments, SQL injection, and other attacks!

Attack/DDOS Protection: One of the main benefits is the ability to set your CloudFlare security level to “I’m under attack!” which will test the validity of all website requests to see if it’s an actual user or just a bot.

No major website changes needed: Enabling CloudFlare is easy. You don’t need to re-work your entire website to work with their platform.  The optimizations are automatically applied when CloudFlare is active.

It is important to note that the free CloudFlare service does *not* by default support SSL usage. If you do require SSL usage with CloudFlare protection, the CloudFlare Pro plan must be purchased through CloudFlare. In addition, the cPanel plugin for cloudflare only protects the “www” version of your website. If you want full protection, you must transition to using their DNS servers. As always, we are available to help you with this setup process! Please contact us through your client area and we’ll be happy to help.