Simple Web Hosting

  • $15.00 /mo



InclusiveHost has partnered with CloudLinux to offer a complete system that provides better performance, less downtime, improved security and greater usage tracking for your websites. These benefits, available FREE with our shared hosting plans, are provided via a number of tools:

CageFS: CageFS isolates each user to their own secure environment. Your neighbors cannot see or access your website files or even processes that you may be running. This provides a much higher level of security than what is typically found with shared hosting providers.

Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) Manager: The LVE Manager ensures that a single account can’t overload an entire hosting server, which may cause your website to slow down or even go down entirely. Each account is assigned a set amount of resources based on their hosting package. If the resource limit is hit, additional new processes will be limited until the account is back within acceptable limits.

PHP Selector: Easily select which version of PHP you wish to use on a per-domain or even a per-directory basis! This is an excellent tool for developers who wish to test their scripts on the newest version of PHP, or for website owners with older software which requires an older version of PHP.

MySQL Governor: The MySQL Governor executes all user MySQL queries within the LVE to ensure that resource-intensive queries aren’t able to bring down the hosting server. In addition, we combine the MySQL Governor with MariaDB to improve overall database performance.

We also offer CloudLinux as an add-on to our VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting systems. Interested in discussing how CloudLinux could benefit your website or server? Contact us!