cPanel: A complete website management system

The cPanel control panel is the most popular web hosting control panel. With a proven track record of constant updates, new features, and stability, cPanel is InclusiveHost’s choice for managing all hosting accounts.

We include the cPanel/WHM control panel for all services – Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and cloud!

If you are new to cPanel, you can try out a free demo here. Simply click on “Domain owners”. Once in cPanel, you can navigate to the “Getting Started Wizard” to guide you through the options in cPanel.

cPanel allows you to manage almost anything in your account. Managing your email accounts, email forwarders, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, DNS zones, add-on domains, parked domains, backups and more is easily completed through cPanel.

The administrative side of cPanel, called Web Host Manager (WHM), is included on all VPS, dedicated, and cloud systems. This administrative end allows you to configure unlimited cPanel accounts. You’re able to also restart critical system services, change the configurations of Apache, PHP, Exim, DNS, etc. In addition, cPanel/WHM helps keep your operating system services up to date and patched through nightly updates.