PCI Compliance Scanning

Comodo WebInspector

  • $15.00 /mo

    PCI Scan (5 devices)
    10 scans per quarter
    Daily Scan (250 pages)

  • $20.00 /mo

    PCI Scan (5 devices)
    10 scans per quarter
    Daily Scan (700 pages)

  • $30.00 /mo

    PCI Scan (20 devices)
    Unlimited scans
    Daily Scan (1000 pages)

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get ONE YEAR of WebInspector Enterprise for ONLY $99! This includes unlimited PCI scanning for up to 20 devices, and daily security scanning for up to 1000 pages.

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PCI Compliance Scanning is a required step for your E-commerce website if you accept customer credit card information directly on your website. In basic terms, a PCI scan is an automated scan done on your entire website and service that hosts your website. The PCI scan will look for out of date services, out of date scripts, and vulnerabilities on your website. All of these potential issues are then compiled into a report for review, and if any failures are found, swift action needs to be taken in order to continue to accept credit card information on your website.

The PCI scan is only an aspect of becoming PCI compliant. To become fully PCI compliant, you will need to fill out a questionnaire about how you handle critical customer information such as their payment information. This questionnaire goes through the best practices when dealing with this sensitive information to ensure that you adhere to these rules.

If you are using a system such as Paypal, where users submit their payment information on the actual Paypal website, your website does not need to be PCI compliant.

InclusiveHost has partnered with Comodo to offer their PCI compliancy scanning. Comodo is a PCI AVS (Approved Scanning Vendor), which means Comodo validates adherence to certain DSS requirements by performing vulnerability scans of internet facing environments of merchants and service providers.

There are several benefits to Comodo’s PCI compliancy scanning when purchased through InclusiveHost:

  • No downloads required –¬†Everything is confirmed and answered from within your browser.
  • Blacklist monitoring included – ensure that you are immediately notified if your website lands on a search engine blacklist.
  • Daily Malware scanning –¬†Ensure that no known viruses/malware has been injected into your scanned pages.
  • Automatically updates – when new threats emerge, the scanning system is constantly updated to stay relevant.
  • Trust Seal – Prove to your customers that you care about security by placing a seal on your website backed by Comodo!
  • Database Security – help protect against SQL injection vulnerabilities by being notified of their presence.