Continuous Data Protection

  • $0.30 /GB

    R1Soft CDP Backup
    (50 GB Minimum)

  • $5.00 /mo

    Additional Device

Available for VPS, Cloud
and Dedicated Hosting
Included with Simple Web Hosting

Backing up your website, emails, databases and other critical data is a step that most webmasters overlook until after disaster strikes. InclusiveHost offers the ability to easily and automatically backup your entire website on any of our services! We even offer free setup and configuration of your backup policy.

As always with cPanel, you are able to use the free manual backup process to backup your entire website. You may then store this completed backup file locally for future use.

Additionally, InclusiveHost offers R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) service to securely backup your data to an off-site location. Having your backups at an off-site location is important as exploits, server failure, or other disasters may render local backups damaged.

R1Soft CDP is an advanced backup tool that completes an entire system snapshot. This means everything from your operating system and settings to your website content is backed up. A key feature of R1Soft is the ability to fully customize your backup policy. You may choose the frequency of your backup points as well as how long they are stored. Examples include hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backup points.

Through an interactive graphical interface, users are able to easily restore individual files, entire folders, or even a MySQL database from any of the available backup points.

InclusiveHost includes nightly R1Soft backups of all Simple Web Hosting accounts absolutely free! Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting includes free daily snapshot backups, while the optional R1Soft backups provide the added benefit of restoring individual files and databases.