Server Management

Server Management

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    Basic (VPS/Cloud)
    Basic (Dedicated)

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    Inclusive (VPS/Cloud)
    Inclusive (Dedicated)
    Inclusive (Managed WP)


Managing your server is a critical aspect of ensuring your website remains online. As this can be quite overwhelming and confusing for the average website owner, we offer two levels of management with our hosting packages.

All InclusiveHost VPS, cloud and dedicated packages come with Basic management included at no cost to you. This features:

  • Ability to request upgrades to server services, such as Apache/PHP/MySQL, via ticket whenever your needs change.
  • Ability to request upgrades of system services, such as cPanel or other Operating system items.
  • Ability to request optimization and fine tuning of services such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, as well as install certain PHP caching modules
  • Free PCI compliance report assistance. Don’t understand what the report says, or what you need to change? Ask us for free!
  • Free analysis of server error log files. This is especially useful if something on your website has stopped functioning, and cannot figure out where to even start.

Inclusive Management is the highest level of management that we offer. This includes:

  • Everything listed above in Basic Management.
  • Every minute monitoring of your server’s network connections. There is also the ability to create custom monitoring for your website.
  • Automatic same major version PHP/Apache upgrades.
  • Automatic upgrades to all operating system packages.
  • All system notification logs (nightly cPanel update logs, firewall notifications, backup logs, etc) are forwarded to trained InclusiveHost staff for review of any possible issue.

Now that we have covered what our management packages cover, the “fine print” of what management does not include:

  • Custom coding. This means changes to scripts, re-write of code such as optimization or fixing coding errors.
  • Custom script updates. This means we do not automatically update your WordPress (for example) install. We do not upgrade or patch the scripts that you choose to install on your hosting service. Even if you have complete management, keeping your scripts, themes, and plugins up to date and secure is still the responsibility of the account holder.
  • Technical support for third party modules or scripts. This should be raised to the developers/creators of the script directly, as they have intimate knowledge of their script.