Website and Server Monitoring

Website and Server Monitoring

  • €2.66 /mo

    1 Monitor

Monitoring is included with our
Inclusive Management package

Monitoring that your website is online 24/7/365 is a key aspect to retaining customers and traffic. As it is not feasible to manually check your website services and server status every minute of every day, we offer a third party monitoring service that does exactly this.

It’s up to you what you want to monitor. There are several checks that can be setup:

  • Full website checks. This means the monitor will search for a certain keyword on the website, and if it is not present (such as with an error message on your website), the alert will trigger.
  • Ping checks. Can locations from around the world reach your server?
  • Email checks.
  • MySQL checks.
  • Static HTTP checks.
  • DNS checks – is your DNS service responding with the correct record?

Please note that InclusiveHost does monitor all of our main services by default, so if there is any issue that causes downtime that is not planned maintenance, we will act swiftly to resolve the issue.